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Spread Triads – Part II
Breaking Chords – Part 1 (Harmonic Minor)
All The Things You Are Arpeggios Etude
Spread Triads – Part I
Spread Triads – Part II
Mastering The Modes – Part I
Triad Pairs (melodic minor) – Part II
Triad Pairs (major scale) – Part I
Drop – 2 Chordal Etude
Chords Visualization
Chordal Etudes for Creative Improvisation
Green Dolphin Chordal Etude
Stella Chordal Etude
Triads Workout – Part I
Open Strings Voicings
Harmonic and Melodic Minor Scale Modes (3 Note Per String)
Harmonizing Scales (major, harmonic and melodic minor)
Shapes Chordal Study
Chords for Modes and “7th Chordal Modal Etude”
Fourth Triads
Connecting Diminished Arpeggio with Minor Scales
Diminished Chords Etude
Chords for Vamps
“Alone” Chord Melody Etude
Rhythm Changes Etudes
Unisons and Legato 3 Note Per String on Melodic Minor Scale
Chordal Etude T 7 5 3
Low Register Chords
How I Practice
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